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Exact date Britain will see -4C arctic blast just days after hottest day of year

Unseasonably warm temperatures in the coming days are set to plunge as low as -4C next week according to forecasters.

Tuesday (February 14) was the warmest day of the year in the UK, with temperatures reaching 17C in mid-Wales.

Sub-tropical air has led to the unusually high temperatures, but they will start to fall from Friday (February 17) when gales of up to 80mph are forecast to sweep across northern Scotland.

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Weather charts predict some parts of the UK will see snow from Saturday (February 18).

The cold conditions will continue into next week, with WXCharts maps showing temperatures dropping as low as -4C on Thursday (February 23) in Scotland, with temperatures hovering around 0C for much of the rest of the country.

The Met Office has previously warned that a sudden stratospheric warning is "now likely to take place" in late February or early March.

A significant SSW brought the Beast from the East to the UK in 2018, resulting in 22ins of snowfall in some areas and £1.2billion in economic damage.

However, that will not necessarily lead to conditions similar to the Beast from the East.

A Met Office forecaster explained: "A major SSW often makes the jet stream meander more, which can lead to a large area of blocking high pressure over northern Europe, including the UK.

“This blocking high pressure can lead to cold, dry weather in the north of Europe, including the UK, with mild, wet and windy conditions more likely for southern areas of the continent.

"However, this is not always the case and impacts on UK weather can also be benign when an SSW occurs."


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