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Arrested OnlyFans star responds to claims as giddy blokes lust over her mugshot

An OnlyFans star “arrested for assaulting a family member” has left social media members gagging for her to assault them.

Jennie Leigh, who goes by braaaptothefuture_ on Instagram, appeared on the popular page Mugshawtys, leading to people leaving thirsty comments.

Jennie in turn replied to some of the messages offering some insight to her new fans.

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The post has been liked over 3,000 times and has seen over 100 people leave messages in the comments section.

One user posted a strange comment noting: “If she had a man he should’ve handled that for her!”

However, Jennie was quick to add her own response to the comment, saying: “It was my husband who I hit .. he destroyed my 86k truck”.

A line of suitors hav been lining up in the comments since the post.

One said: “She can assault my member.”

In a second comment, one noted: “She can assault my member!”

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Another added: “One man’s assault is another man’s fetish”.

In a somewhat cruder message, another user said: “Assault me, step sister.”

Others have asked she be let off her alleged crimes: “She prolly had a valid reason, free my shawty rn”.

To this post, Jennie replied saying: “love you!”

She also recently posted an image to her Instagram story with a bottle of booze with the caption: “My lawyer’s only form of payment.”

It has not been verified whether or not any kind of crime has been committed.

On her own Instagram account, Jennie has posted a number of steamy snaps.

In one caption she announced to the internet: “I’m a bad girl,” followed by a devil and love heart emoji.

Another post was accompanied solely by an emoji of a slice of cake.

Mushawtys has posted a number of mugshots of women alleged to have been arrested and had their mugshots taken.

The account posts images of women with a caption of their alleged crimes to its near 250,000 followers.

On Twitter, it has also raked in over 460,000 followers.

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