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Bodybuilder unrecognisable after he’s tortured and left wheelchair-bound in jail

A hulking bodybuilding champion has been tortured by prison guards into needing a wheelchair.

Horrendous photos detail Khaled Pirzadeh's transformation from burly to bedridden after being beaten mercilessly by Iran's regime.

The athlete was held in the infamous Evin Prison on the outskirts of Tehran until 2021, enduring unspeakable violence.

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Khaled said: "I am talking to you from the dungeons of oppression and tyranny in Iran.

"For more than sixteen months, I have been hospitalised in Ahvaz Central Prison due to the injuries caused by the brutal agents of the Islamic republic."

Behind bars, Khaled has suffered a broken left leg, fractured spine, as well as kidney failure and heart problems.

He said he has had to take around 6,000 painkillers and 900 intravenous serums to help with the long-lasting pain and is wheelchair bound.

Formerly weighing 127kg at the height of his career, he dropped to a paltry 57kg while incarcerated.

He remains held by the Iranian authorities which are denying him medical treatment.

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Khaled has gone on several hunger strikes to raise awareness of Iran's mistreatment despicable of prisoners.

"I said all this so that you know that freedom of speech and human rights in the Republic of Iran is a big lie," he said.

In 2021, he was transferred to Ahvaz prison in the southwest of the country, much further away from where his family live.

He was arrested in 2018 on trumped up charges of "assembly and collusion with the intention of disrupting the security of the country" as well as "insulting the leadership.”

Evin prison where he is held is regarded by many as the worst prison in the world, such is the horrific treatment of inmates there.

In the prison's courtyard, some prisoners are executed by hanging, with Iran executing the highest number of its own citizens in the world apart from China.

Conditions inside are bleak, with no air con as the the sun beats down into sweltering cells that reach 45C in summer.

Iran has stepped up executions with a vengeance this year, following widespread protests in support of democracy.

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