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JonBenét Ramsey case had DNA evidence hidden that would eliminate suspects

JonBenét Ramsey's tragic murder case could have eliminated several suspects had DNA evidence not been hidden, a new book has claimed.

Evidence gathered from under the fingernails of the slain six-year-old did not match her parents or other people close with the family, new documents have shown.

Police in Colorado, United States, had continued to insinuate that the parents of JonBenét, John Bennet Ramsey and the late Patsy Ramsey, were involved in some way "under an umbrella of suspicion".

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Latest updates on the tragic murder, which has remained unsolved since the six-year-old's death by strangulation at the family home back in 1996, have revealed that DNA evidence was allegedly hidden at the time.

Citing investigations carried out by former lead investigator into the case Jon Smit, a new book from John Anderson alleges that police had been aware of DNA traces that could have eliminated some suspects.

Anderson, a former sheriff, wrote: "For the past quarter-century, the Boulder police have ignored the DNA evidence that exonerated the Ramsey's and could be used to identify her killer."

Smit resigned from the case in 1998 after becoming increasingly frustrated with the investigation.

He wrote in a resignation letter at the time: "At this point in the investigation, 'the case' tells me that John and Patsy Ramsey did not kill their daughter, that a very dangerous killer is still out there and no one is actively looking for him."

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His frustrations are set to be written up and showcased in a new book, Lou and JonBenét: A Legendary Lawman's Quest to Solve a Child Beauty Queen's Murder, New York Post reported.

It comes as her father John Ramsey revealed he knew absolutely nothing about the DNA results for some time.

He said: "It didn’t fit [the investigators’] conclusion that one of us was the killer. They did eventually notify the district attorney about six months later."

John also admitted that he "assumed the police knew what they were doing" in the early days of the investigation, but blasted them for their "incompetence" in hindsight.

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