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Forecaster warns Britons may face ‘freezing air’

UK Weather: Temperatures to drop ‘below freezing’

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Speaking to, British Weather Services forecaster Jim Dale said that, in the long range, UK weather will remain “sedate”. Otherwise, he said, the rest of the month is “too far distant” to reliably predict.

He continued: “However, we’ve been through high pressure, forever and a day, and we are getting to the point where you might expect something to happen.

“There’s a lot of talk about the stratospheric warming and the dislocation of the polar vortex.

“But the problem with that is it’s going to go somewhere. If it happens and you get that outspill of very cold, freezing air, it’s going to hit us.”

Mr Dale added that models can’t predict the effects of these weather events until “around 10 days or seven days out”.

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He said: “So until we get there, you’re really into what we might call guesswork.

“Don’t lean off models that show you that kind of environment. It’s too speculative.”

He did predict, however, that towards the end of the month the UK is due “some sort of change”.

He added: “There is still time, late February’s not a problem for snow.”

This comes after the Met Office warned of a new ‘stratospheric event’ that previously led to the 2018’s Beast from the East snowstorm.

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The Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) can cause very cold conditions similar to five years ago, when the UK saw up to 22 inches of snowfall.

A SSW event is “now likely”, according to forecasters – and could bring the return of bitterly cold conditions before spring.

SSW is a phenomenon when “rapid warming occurs high up in the stratosphere”, according to the Met Office, but it can have consequences in weather on the surface in the weeks that follow.

This rapid warming in the stratosphere, ranging between 10km and 50km above the Earth’s surface, is so high that residents don’t feel it on the ground.

Exacta Weather’s James Madden said: “The upcoming Sudden Stratospheric Warming should now be a major one.

“It means we are now facing extensive cold and snow later in February and into the start of March.

“This could delay any spring warmth by several weeks, meaning temperatures might not recover until the back end of April, or even later.”

While the Met Office has played down concerns another Beast from the East is on its way, forecasters have warned a significant cold blast is likely.

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