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Randy married cop’s boss fired for ‘encouraging’ X-rated romps at station

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    Horny cop Maegan Hall’s boss was fired from his position as city police chief after it emerged that he knew about the sex scandal that made headlines across the world.

    La Vergne Police chief Burrel Davis was let go on February 6 after a "third-party investigator" found that he knew what was going on in his department, but failed to discipline any of the officers, the city said in a statement.

    “There aren’t words to describe the disappointment and frustration felt by myself and other city leaders”, La Vergne’s mayor Jason Cole said, adding: "Officers are held to a higher standard, even more so is their chief."

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    Burrel’s departure from the city’s police department comes after Hall, the cop at the centre of the swinging scandal, filed a complaint with the state of Tennessee alleging that he fostered an environment that "encouraged" X-rated behaviour.

    Hall herself was fired, along with four other officers, after it emerged that she regularly had sexual encounters with six of her colleagues, often while on the clock.

    She admitted, among several other things, of giving oral sex to two male officers while on duty at the police station and police gym.

    Hall also admitted to having a threesome with another officer and his wife.

    Two other officers who had romps with the randy cop kept their jobs after they were suspended.

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    She admitted to investigators that she began sleeping with her colleagues because of marital problems with her husband Jedidiah Hall, a former state park ranger and the son of a pastor.

    "I just cracked and then it just kind of got out of hand," Hall said in a probe by internal investigators obtained by local media outlet WSMV 4.

    "I got stupid, I got desperate, I guess and guys are guys and they’ll stick their d*** in anything”, she added.

    Despite the tsunami of attention Hall has received, including offers worth thousands of dollars to perform at strip clubs, she and her husband say they are “trying to salvage” their marriage.

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    Jedidiah’s boss, Coffee County sheriff Chad Partin, told the Daily Mail that he has offered him support following the bizarre news.

    "I don't know how he's doing it, he's more of a man than I am, but he's trying to salvage his marriage”, Chad said.

    "He's the victim here. There's not a blemish on his record. He is doing a phenomenal, phenomenal job."

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