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Monster 3-metre shark caught near where teen was mauled to death in attack

A fisherman has caught an enormous three metre-long shark in the river where a teenage girl was killed just days before.

Kai Boyle fished the gigantic monster out of Swan River, a major waterway running past the Western Australian city of Perth.

Swan River is the location where 16-year-old Stella Berry died on Saturday (February 4) after she was attacked by a shark.

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Kai said he had been using mullet in the hope of catching crabs, but got quite the shock when something big appeared at the end of his line.

Writing on Facebook he said: “It didn’t come from the ocean it was in the river swimming past.

“They may potentially be dangerous to others and people can’t get their head around how big they get in the Swan River right here in Perth.”

The shark was released back into the river once photographs had been taken.

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He said that, around this time of year, female bull sharks would swim upriver to go and give birth to pups.

They can be as long as 70cm when they are born and as many as 13 can be born at once.

He added: “Be safe out there this summer."

The daughter of two school teachers, Stella had been studying at Shenton College in Western Perth.

She and her friends had been playing on a rope swing near the Fremantle road bridge when the attack took place.

Eyewitness accounts report that screaming was heard before anyone laid eyes on the shark.

One bystander is understood to have gone into the water to pull Stella out, but she was pronounced dead that day.

On Saturday Fremantle District acting inspector Paul Robinson said: “Unfortunately we have no idea what shark it is.

“From what I’ve been advised, her family weren’t there when the attack took place but her friends were.”

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