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Ghosthunters slammed for ‘sick’ haunted doll probe into missing Nicola Bulley

A paranormal investigation team have been slammed by the public as "sick" and "depraved" after they began looking into the disappearance of missing mum, Nicola Bulley.

The group, ‘The Real 4S Paranormal’ shared the live-streamed video on their social media sites earlier this week.

In the footage, the trio showed an image of the mum of two alongside dozens of so-called ‘haunted’ dolls.

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In the clip, which viewers have branded ‘horrifying’, one of the members asks the creepy figures “who took this lady, spirit?”.

They go on to ask the ‘haunted’ toys to show them whether or not the mum of two is still alive by lighting up a spirit box.

Later in the video, one of the women declares she 'thinks it was arranged' and asks 'is she in the woods?'.

The social media post also showed a birds-eye view of a supposedly abandoned house close to where Nicola was last seen. The group ask the ‘spirits’ whether cops should ‘go back’ there.

Other questions included 'was there more than one person that took her?' and 'can you tell us if she's passed away, spirits?'.

Outraged members of the public have slammed the trio, accusing them of being ‘insensitive’, and treating Nicola's disappearance as a ‘Netflix series’.

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In an attempt to defend their actions online, the group claimed they weren't 'trying to jump on the bandwagon as some might say' and they only did the investigation to see if the 'spirits had answers'.

Among those criticising their actions are married ghost hunters Lee and Linzi Steer. The pair described the footage as ‘disgusting’.

Linzi, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, said: "This poor lady hasn't even been missing a fortnight yet.

"We don't know if she's dead or alive. It's absolutely terrible. I'm sick to my stomach that they would do that.

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"I saw it and said to [my husband] Lee 'what the hell?' This woman who says she's a medium is sitting in a room full of dolls and basically saying the dolls have information about where Nicola is.

"I was disgusted. If she's a medium, why the hell has she posted it all over Facebook and TikTok? This poor lady's family – her children – could grow up on social media.

"I thought this is so wrong. It's disgusting. No doubt mediums have gone down to the place but to post this on Facebook for views – do it in private.

"It's obvious what they're doing it for, just to get views. They're not helping with the enquiry at all – they're not helping anyone."

One follower said: "Some will do horrific things to get viewers."

Another user said: "Yes I saw this – absolutely disgusting. They had turned comments off so couldn't put what I wanted to."

A concerned viewer said: "This is so disgusting and disrespectful to her poor family and friends. I hope and pray she is found safe."

While another paranormal fan added: "This is very sick."

The Real 4S Paranormal have been contacted for comment.

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