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Drug dealer promises to donate month’s profit to Turkey-Syria earthquake victims

A drug dealer has been hailed a "philanthropist" and dubbed "Pill Gates" after promising to donate all his profits from this month to a charity helping the victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquake.

Twitter account @shottatexts – which shares screenshots of texts from dealers that people submit – posted a WhatsApp message from a man identifying himself as "Rob.Santa".

Rob's message appeared to be sent to all of his customers.

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It opened with an apology but also some good news as he explained he had been unable to provide his usual service due to the early arrival of his baby.

Rob wrote: "Hey Guys. Almost 3 weeks ago God blessed me with a baby boy, it was sudden and unexpected because he was quite early.

"I do apologise for the sudden and abrupt stoppage, however I was caught so off guard and you know I am usually a perfect planner."

Luckily for Rob's clientele, he promised to compensate them for the inconvenience.

"I will be back on, latest Thursday which is the 9th, with a price reduction on the menu for everyone," he said.

Then, Rob turned his attention to the current crisis in Turkey and Syria following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Monday (February 6) and subsequent severe aftershocks.

The current death toll stands at more than 11,000 across the two countries, with the precise number seemingly rising by the hour.

Rob told his customers: "Condolences to anyone who has lost a love one in the recent disaster which has occurred in Turkey and Syria."

The drug dealer even went one step further. He added: "P.S all money made this month will go to a charity that will be dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake."

Many on Twitter praised the drug dealer for his pledge, although not everyone is convinced he means it.

One reply read: "Hope his kids alright ain't no way man hitting road all week to give it to charity tho [sic]."

The earthquake occurred in the early hours of Monday morning, centred in the town of Pazarcik in Turkey's Kahramanmaras province at a depth of 9.6km.

It led to several subsequent quakes including one around 100km north with a magnitude of 7.7.

Countries across the world have pledged aid as rescue workers continue efforts to reach hundreds of people buried beneath the rubble.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – whose government has been criticised for the response to the crisis – has now declared a three-month state of emergency in 10 of the worst-affected provinces.

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