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Harry ‘hid in phone box ‘ after booze-fuelled ‘naughty’ pub romp with cougar

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    Prince Harry hid from his bodyguards in a phone box after losing his virginity behind a pub, claims the woman who took it.

    Spare readers were treated to a surprising tale about the Duke of Sussex, 38, having sex for the first time, claiming it was with an older woman.

    Said cougar has revealed herself to The Sun as Sasha Walpole, although now aged just 40, Harry may be accused of embellishing the age gap.

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    Sasha has added yet more detail to the amusing anecdote of the Prince's time at the Vine Tree Inn in Norton, Wiltshire, where they celebrated her 19th birthday in July 2001.

    She claimed the pair had sex in a field after sneaking out of a nearby pub together to smoke cigarettes unseen, before they hatched a plan to evade the Duke of Sussex's bodyguards.

    In a bid to cheer up Sasha who had just been dumped by her boyfriend, Harry cheered her up by ordering countless shots of tequila, Baileys and sambuca.

    After going outside for a smoke, she told The Sun that the pair ended up having sex, with Sasha admitting "it just happened".

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    The digger driver admitted that once the pair's liaison had ended, they split up in a bid to avoid Harry's bodyguards who were out searching for him, with one being driven around in Sasha's friend's Ford Fiesta.

    Sasha said that after drinking five shots each, Harry suggested the pair go outside to smoke a cigarette together.

    The pair snuck out through the car park, before climbing over a fence and into a field behind the pub.

    Sasha admitted that “it just happened”, describing it as “naughty” and “exciting”.

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    Not long after the liaison ended, which Sasha said lasted “about five minutes”, Harry’s security team were on the lookout for him.

    In a bid to stay private and evade Harry’s minders, the pair hatched a plan to go back to the pub separately, from different directions.

    As Sasha returned to the pub, Harry's security detail were frantically looking for him, despite the pair only being gone for around 15 minutes in total.

    Her friend Bryony had even been roped in to take Harry’s security guard out on the road to locate him, as the pair drove around the area in Bryony's Ford Fiesta.

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    In a bid to stay hidden, Harry had hidden himself in a telephone box near the pub.

    Sasha said: “We had been gone about 15 minutes, and it was long enough for the security to start worrying where he was.

    “Everyone was coming out of the pub and Harry wasn’t there. My friend Bryony had ended up in her blue 1.1 Fiesta with one of the back-up security guards driving around on a Harry Hunt. They found him in a phone box down the road.”


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