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Hero mum saves five-year-old boy from terrifying mountain lion attack

A hero mum managed to fight off a mountain lion, saving her son from certain death after he was viciously attacked.

Out of nowhere, the boy, a five-year-old who was hiking in California with his mother and grandfather near their farm, was pounced on by the predator on Tuesday night (January 31).

The boy, called Jack, could have died from his injuries were it not for his mother who carried him to safety, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said.

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At around 6.50pm, the mountain lion suddenly appeared and charged at Jack, pushing him to the ground, where it then reportedly mauled his face.

The boy's mother stepped in and somehow fought the animal before it fled.

Jack’s aunt, Amie Wagner, said: “That mountain lion picked the wrong kid and mama to mess with.”

Jack was immediately taken to a trauma centre to be treated for puncture wounds and other injuries.

His aunt told local reporters: “Jack has many lacerations, especially on his precious face, in addition to a fracture near one eye.

"He is covered in cuts, bruises and scratches but his spirit remains intact."

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"If there was a kid who could wrestle a mountain lion and come out on top, it would be Jack,” she added.

Fish and Wildlife investigators said they would collect DNA samples from Jack’s clothing and then try to identify the the lion.

If the animal is tracked and caught, it will likely be removed from the wild.

An ordeal such as Jack's is rare, and there are only around 20 confirmed lion attacks that have taken place in California in over 100 years.

Despite this, the frequency of attacks has increased slightly.

Last year, a seven-year-old boy was bitten by a mountain lion while walking with his father in a park in Southern California.

Thankfully, the father managed to scare the animal off his son was treated for minor injuries.

According to the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) there are some 6,000 lions residing in California.

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