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Elle Brooke confesses she’s ‘always wet’ as she gets soaked in racy shower snaps

OnlyFans beauty Elle Brooke has left little to the imagination once again after telling her hundreds of thousands of followers that she's "always wet".

And while some poked fun that the Instagram post caption was referencing adult star industry rival Astrid Wett – most were quick to chime in with their usual sexually-suggestive comments.

Elle flaunts her curves and assets while completely soaking herself wet through in the shower in a series of snaps which would give any wet T-shirt competition a run for its money.

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Only just covered up in a soaking wet black tank top and high-waisted pair of yellow shorts, Elle's loyal fans asked why she was even wearing clothes in the shower.

"U know Ur supposed too be naked in the shower right?," one person joked while another chimed in: "Alright, no one has said it……you sure do look a bit……MOIST!"

Others were less suggestive and simply praised Elle for how hard she is training in the gym – with her muscles clearly defined in the snaps.

One person added: "You do train super hard," while others simply said: "Beautiful Queen!", "I'm in love with you" and "Ever wanna get married, bell me".

The "wet" reference was also picked up on as a poke at rival Astrid who was supposed to fight Elle in a boxing match but pulled out at the last minute.

"Astrid Wett reference?" someone asked, with another adding: "Astrid is hotter."

It comes after Elle offered to fight Astrid and already-beaten rival AJ Bunker on the same night – and that she would only need a "30-minute interval".

Rumours have been circulating that Elle and Astrid will fight each other this year, but so far nothing has been formalised.

Some fans, however, appear to want all three models to take part in a rather different coming together. One fan tweeted: "Make love not war… just have a threesome."

Elle has also recently spoken out about giving a new Tag Team concept in boxing "a chance" after the idea received plenty of backlash – with fans saying the sport was being "turned into WWE".

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Misfits boxing, which organises fights between stars like Elle and Astrid, has announced a shake-up to some matches which will involve fighters "tagging out" and being subbed on by different competitors.

After an outpouring of anger on Twitter, Elle – who is expected to be involved in the new project – hit back.

"People are so quick to hate on things before they even happen. Give the Tag Team concept a chance… I am sure if it goes down like a shit storm or the concept doesn’t work, Misfits will be the first to can it," she tweeted.

The first match featuring the new concept will take place on March 4.


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