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Baby handed in to police after being found alone in buggy

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A baby has been found alone in a pram near a hospital in a city.

The woman who found the child, believed to be just a few months old, told police she waited around one hour for the guardian or parent to return but no one did.

She took the tot to a police station nearby in Phisborough, Dublin.

A spokesman for Garda, the national police service of Ireland, said: “Gardai attended the scene of an incident involving an infant child in the Mountjoy area on Monday night. Owing to the sensitive nature of this incident there is no further information available at this time.”

No further information, including the baby’s gender, has been therefore disclosed at this stage.

The baby was found near Mater Hospital, one of the city’s largest hospitals with more than 600 beds.

Writing on Dublin Live’s Facebook page, people expressed their sadness and hope for the baby.

One woman posted: “OMG poor child and mother. Glad a lady found them.”

Another Facebook user wrote: “Thank God it was someone decent that found the baby.”

A third person stated: “Thankfully the baby is OK, hope the mother is OK, and gets the help she needs.”

A further Dublin resident posted: “It is so sad. God only knows her circumstances though, and I hope they are both OK.”

When a baby boy was found by police in Kings Norton, Birmingham in April 2021, West Midlands Constabulary conducted enquiries and the mother was identified and located eight months later in the city.

West Midlands Police said, in December 2021, the public’s response was “overwhelming”, stressing that it was “instrumental” in their search.

The force called the tot George after its discovery – because he was found the day before St George’s Day, on Thursday, April 22.

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