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Dog who plunged from window to greet owner on street left with ‘shattered bones’

A puppy was left with "shattered bones" after it jumped out of the window of a second-floor flat.

Noodle, an Italian whippet and greyhound cross, spotted his owner Alfie Harrison outside and became so happy to be reunited with his human that he jumped out of the window of Alfie's brother's home in Falmouth, falling to the ground.

The excitable 11-month-old pup was rushed to an emergency vet for surgery, where it was determined he had shattered bones in both of his front legs during the horrific fall, the Daily Record reported.

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Alfie, a 24-year-old aquaculture student, said: "I was visiting my brother at his university in Falmouth and I asked him to watch Noodle while I went down to the car to get a few things.

"He turned his back for a minute and Noodle jumped onto a chair and looked out the window.

"I looked up and locked eyes with him and the next minute he just jumped towards me.

"There was a massive drop from the window to the car park but he didn't realise that – he just saw me and wanted to be with me.

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"I just saw this grey blur falling down and two minutes later he hit the ground. I ran towards him and he was making the most horrific sounds.

"I could see his legs had snapped and he was in so much pain."

Quick-thinking Alfie, along with his brother and some helpful neighbours, managed to splint the dog's legs and rushed him to a vet.

Animal health practitioners told the distraught owner that Noodle would need emergency surgery if the dog was going to have any chance of survival.

Thankfully, vets managed to set Noodle's bones and fit metal plates into each of his broken legs.

But Alfie, from Stirling, hadn't set up Noodle's insurance and was slapped with a whopping £8,000 bill after the expensive injury, causing the owner serious financial stress.

Alfie said: "I have an autistic spectrum disorder and Noodle helps me so much with that and also with my anxiety. He is such a massive part of my life and I just couldn't say no to the surgery. He is my best friend."

Noodle spent several days in the veterinary hospital, but has returned to his home in Stirling and is making an impressive recovery and receiving medication to help with his injuries every three hours.

Dedicated owner Alfie borrowed some money from family members to pay the eye-watering vet fees and also sold some of his personal belongings to cover the costs.

Alfie's friends have also set up a fundraising page to help pay for Noodle's treatment.

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