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‘My dad’s UK’s richest gypsy and I followed in his steps leaving school at 11’

The son of the UK’s richest gypsy, Alfie Best, dropped out of school at the age of 11 but bought a nightclub at the age of 16.

Now 25, Alfie Jr has followed in his father’s footsteps, moving into the world of property and caravan parks.

According to the Sunday Times the father and son duo have a combined net worth o fo over £ 700 million – despite the younger of the two dropping out of school at the age of 11.

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At 16 he broke into the world of investment by putting £60,000 into a nightclub.

“I thought I could turn it around and jumped in head-first, learning on the job. Not a good idea. It did all right in the end, but only just,” he said speaking on podcast The Blue Tick Show.

He’d been part of his Dad’s set-up for some time and, as a young lad, is understood to have helped out in any way that he could, even driving lorries that needed moving.

He explained how he had always had an entrepreneurial streak, despite having not been able to read or write.

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“I used to sell sweets in school, I always had a business mind,” he said.

He was inspired by another kid and thought he too could have a stab at the cash-making enterprise.

“They was buying their sweets from the sweet shop. I found out where the cash and carry was. I took it to the next level. I needed to undercut them,” he said.

He explained how he learned his lessons from his father and those have helped him grow.

“Dad didn’t take any rubbish from me and my sister. If I p****d him off I would get a slap. But that wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. If I p****d my dad off today I think he’d still give me a slap.”

He added: “I know there are sections of society that have a problem with Gypsies, but it was never a problem for me. Who I am has always been something positive.”

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