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Brit couple’s £4k ‘Turkey Teeth’ left them in agony from ‘blood bath’ procedure

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    A British couple who forked out over £4k on getting their teeth done in Turkey have complained that the 'botched' operations have left them in "constant pain" and unable to eat.

    Jade and Kelly Tushingham, 32 and 30 respectively, went to Antalya, Turkey – a medical tourism hotspot – to have their veneers fitted, and appear to have become the latest in a long line of victims of cowboy medical professionals looking to make a quick buck.

    The day after arrival, the couple visited an 'unprofessional' private clinic near their hotel for the first stage of their transformation.

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    After having X-rays they were given a dose of local anaesthetic as dentists filed down their gnashers, causing them both 'instant' pain.

    The couple, from Chester, then had to wait in the clinic's reception for around five hours with their 'shark teeth' before dentists fitted them each with temporary veneers.

    The pair were then left waiting for a permanent set for over five days while their teeth 'stubs' caused them agony.

    The temporary veneers, which they had to keep in all the time, were said to have been fitted badly and were akin to 'horse teeth'.

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    Neither could eat or drink and they were left to survive on mashed potatoes and soup – even water was hard to swallow due to their hugely sensitive teeth.

    On the sixth day they were finally called back to have their crowns fitted but both describe the procedure as being 'like a blood bath'.

    Jade and Kelly, who are both still in daily pain, are now beginning to consider revisiting the clinic to demand their teeth are fixed.

    "We're both still in constant pain. All the food at the hotel looked beautiful, but we just couldn't eat any of it," Jade said.

    "Looking back now, we 100%would not have had it done.

    ''It's cost us so much money and it's been hell. We used some savings we already had to pay for it doing. They look lovely, and in pictures are perfect but it's like a nightmare.''

    The couple have also asked for help in the UK but say "no dentists in the UK would even touch them".

    Jade added: "Eating a hot meal followed by a cold drink is just awful. We can't even have a cup of tea because our teeth are so sensitive.

    "Everywhere we go we have painkillers. In the car, in my bag, at the side of the bed.

    "We definitely can't sleep because we just wake up in the night needing more painkillers. Sometimes I'll say to Kelly 'what do you fancy for tea?' And then say 'oh no we can't have that because my teeth are hurting a lot today'."


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