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Elle Brooke displays her ‘sleeper build’ before bringing out the guns in dress

OnlyFans star and boxer Elle Brooke has shown how her "sleeper build" compares to her muscular physique.

Elle was attending the Chris Eubank Jr v Liam Smith fight in Manchester, when she took to her Instagram stories to show her fans her physique.

The 24-year-old asked "is this not the definition of a sleeper build?" as she showed her arms in a non tensed state, then tensed them – revealing huge guns.

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A "sleeper build" is a weightlifting and bodybuilding slang term that means looking like you have a reguar physique, but when your muscles are tensed your body appears more built.

She also posted on her main account, with a picture showing her posing in the little black dress.

"If I am not taking part, I am watching," she wrote.

Millionaire glamour model Chelsea Ferguson who owns an online subscription platform commented, calling Elle "lush".

Geordie Shore star Natalie Phillips commented with a string of fire emojis.

Glamour model Char Borley said "gorgeous".

But not everybody was so positive, with one bloke writing: "Give it a rest will ya going on like you're some boxer".

It comes as Boxxer chief Ben Shalom blasted the Misfits promotion starring Elle, calling it a 'freak show.'

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Misfits, headed by Youtube icon KSI, has attracted huge online interest with boxing cards including numerous social media sensations.

Elle kickstarted a boxing career through Misfits, beating rival Faith Ordway with a first-round stoppage last Saturday.

Manchester City fan Elle only began her boxing journey last May and secured her first victory over Love Island's AJ Bunker in July.

And she is now targeting a fight against Astrid Wett, which would settle a long-running bitter feud between the OnlyFans duo.

Misfits, carried by DAZN, is growing rapidly in popularity, with the aim of being the global host of the biggest crossover fights in boxing.

Shalom, promoting this Saturday's middleweight showdown between Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith, believes the shows are glorified 'celebrity white collar' events.

"It's dangerous to call the Misfits card boxing, it's entertainment, it's celebrity white collar, but make sure it's not called boxing because it's not," he told Boxxer.

"It's confusing and misleading and a bit of a freak show."

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