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Miracle bloke survives 24 days lost at sea living off ketchup and garlic powder

A man who spent over three weeks adrift at sea has revealed how he stayed alive until being finally rescued.

Miracle man Elvis Francois, 47, managed to sustain himself on a diet of ketchup, garlic powder, and stock cubes that were left on a sailboat he was repairing when dragged out to sea.

Extremely adverse weather conditions saw Elvis working at the docks on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin in December, suddenly helplessly out in open water.

Elvis from Dominica has revealed how lost his bearings by the time he had mounted and repaired the vessel's sail.

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He had then tried to make calls from his mobile phone but had been unable to get any signal.

He had spent 24 days adrift when he was finally rescued.

He said: "About 15th January, I saw a plane pass. I had a mirror. I was making some signal and, well, they saw me."

He added: "I saw them pass straight above the boat. I realised they saw me."

The aircraft passed on news of the find to the Colombian Navy, which rescued Elvis with the help of a merchant ship 120 nautical miles north-west of Puerto Bolivar, Colombia.

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Following his rescue, he told how there had only been a bottle of ketchup, garlic powder, and Maggi stock cubes on board the boat.

He said he mixed these with water and eaten the mixture to survive.

Following his rescue, Elvis told how he had tried to get the attention of passing vessels to no avail.

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He had even lit a fire on the boat but no one had seen it.

He described his ordeal as "quite an experience", adding: "24 days. No land. Nobody to talk to. Don't know what to do. Don't know where you are.

"It was rough."

Elvis has now been handed over to immigration authorities to organise his return home.


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