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Deranged Lavrov compares West to Hitler in ‘final solution’ to Russia

Sergei Lavrov says US is ‘leaving war against Russia’

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Russia has accused the USA of “leading a war against our country” in the same vein as Adolf Hitler sought a “final solution to the Jewish question” in the latest deranged attempt to justify their brutal invasion of Ukraine. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov suggested the USA, alongside the West, was using Ukraine “as a proxy” to achieve the “final solution to the Russian question” during a press conference on Wednesday morning. He accused the West of having “the exact same goal” as the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, who presided over the deaths of tens of millions. His comments came as Russian President Vladimir Putin visited a WW2 memorial in St Petersburg ahead of his own speech later today.

Lavrov said: “Like Hitler, who mobilised, captured, and mustered the majority of European countries, and threw them against the Soviet Union, the United States has formed a coalition with almost all Europeans. They are part of NATO and also the European Union.

“Through Ukraine as a proxy, they lead the war against our country with the exact same goal: the goal of the final solution to the Russian question.

“Just like Hitler wanted a final solution to the Jewish question, now, if you read the Western politicians, not only from the Baltics or Poland, but also those who are much saner, they univocally say that Russia must suffer a strategic defeat.”

He added: “The amount of Western support clearly shows that the West has invested a lot in its war against Russia.

“It’s the West that makes the decisions. And it has made decisions for Ukraine and without Ukraine.”

The foreign minister asserted that Russia’s action in Ukraine was “our response to a hybrid war unleashed against us” by the West.

He said Russia was ready to “seriously consider” any Western initiatives on ending the conflict but added: “We haven’t seen any serious proposals yet.”

Any future Russian talks with Western representatives shouldn’t be limited to Ukraine, Lavrov continued.

“It makes no sense to talk to the West only about Ukraine,” he said. “The West is using Ukraine to destroy the security system that existed in the Euro-Atlantic region for a long time and hinged on consensus, the indivisibility of security and settlement of all issues through dialogue and cooperation.”

Lavrov warned that Russia’s showdown with the West over Ukraine was part of global policy shifts that will evolve over a long period.

“The process of forming a multipolar world order will be long; it will take an epoch,” he said. “And we are in the middle of that process now.”

He cited Western efforts to hamper the widening cooperation between Russia and China, maintaining they would not succeed.

Lavrov said that Russia’s relations with the West “will never be the same”. He accused the West of failing to observe signed agreements with Russia.

“Never again there will be a situation when you lie, sign documents and then refuse to fulfil them,” he said.

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His comments come ahead of a scheduled speech from Putin this evening from St Petersburg in which the President is expected to make further announcements regarding the “special military operation” in Ukraine.

It is believed that Putin could use the opportunity to announce either another mobilisation of troops or to officially declare war on Ukraine, the Institute for the Study of War suggested.

The ISW wrote: “Putin is fond of using symbolic dates to address the Russian people, and some Russian pro-war milbloggers noted that he will seize this opportunity to either declare mobilisation or war with Ukraine.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced on January 17 that Putin would be giving a speech today, on the 80th anniversary of the Nazi Siege of Leningrad (Soviet-era name of St.Petersburg) breakthrough during WWII.

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