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Eight crushed at kids’ party after low-flying helicopter causes roof to collapse

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    Eight people were crushed during a children's party after a helicopter flew too low, leading to a roof collapse.

    The horrifying incident occurred in Thailand's eastern Chanthaburi province this weekend.

    A Thai navy pilot was flying over the party to throw treats down for the children, marking National Children's Day in Thailand (January 14).

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    However, the chopper went too close to the three marquee tents at the party, causing them to collapse under the pressure of the aircraft's powerful downdrafts.

    Five of the eight people injured were reportedly children.

    The Thai navy has since apologised for the incident, according to the Bangkok Post.

    A 58-year-old woman suffered a broken neck and a cut to her head. She was rushed to the nearby Prapokklao Hospital.

    The other seven victims (two adults and five children) were treated and discharged from the hospital shortly afterwards.

    The local Tha Chang municipal office had asked the navy's Chanthaburi and Trat Border Defence Command to arrange the celebratory fly-over.

    Chanthaburi and Trat Border Defence Command deputy commander Radm Therdkiat Jitkaew offered apologies after news of the injuries broke.

    The navy's commander-in-chief, Admiral Choengchai Chomchoengpaet, also apologised and ordered that the Chanthaburi and Trat Border Defence Command provide financial and medical aid to the injured.

    Harrowing footage captured the moment that the marquee tents came down.

    A massive crowd appeared playing next to the tents, with people visible underneath them, as the helicopter passed over.

    The roofs then folded in on themselves, sparking screams from the people below.

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