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‘Roughest pub in Liverpool’ left TV star Ricky Tomlinson fearing for his life

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    TV star Ricky Tomlinson once 'feared for his life' at the 'roughest pub in Liverpool'.

    The now lost Bow and Arrow pub, sitting on the border of Huyton and West Derby, was the notorious boozer where the famous comedian and actor fled during his own gig.

    Whenever the question is raised as to what was the roughest pub in Liverpool, you can count The Bow and Arrow to be among the contenders – despite it closing it's doors in 2008, the Liverpool Echo reports.

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    Before finding fame ex-Brookside and Royle Family star Ricky Tomlinson was a pub and club entertainer who went by the name of Hobo Rick.

    With his trusty banjo, he travelled around Merseyside with a band playing in some pretty rough places along the way.

    He recalled the time he and his band got into hot water at a gig at the Bow and Arrow pub following an ill-chosen joke.

    Ricky told the Liverpool ECHO: "A local scrap dealer, who was a huge man with a hard reputation, brought along his family and sat right up front.

    "But I didn't think twice about taking the p*** out of him because he knew I meant no offence.

    "On this particular day, things were going well and I started telling this joke about the Pope.

    "There was apparently a shout from the back of the bar, but I didn't hear it and simply carried on with the joke.

    "Then the place went very quiet. Everyone had focused on this hard-case from a well-known Catholic family who was on his feet."

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    "He had heard enough and wasn't happy."

    He added: "He started yelling at me, but I returned fire with a few ad-libs and everyone was laughing. Although this, not surprisingly, just served to make things worse.

    "He turned to his wife and told her to hand over her bag. He then pulled out a revolver and aimed it right at me.

    "I turned to my bandmates and said 'Get your stuff together, lads. Being heckled is one thing but I'm not getting shot'.

    "We made a sharp exit, but were told later – whether it was true or not I don't know – that we left chaos behind us as the scrap dealer was furious that the show had been suddenly curtailed."


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