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Airline employee calls in fake bomb threat so his mates can chat up women

A 24-year-old man made a hoax bomb call just so two of his mates could spend more time with two women they had met on holiday.

The girls were due to fly home from Delhi in India having met their suitors – Kunal Sehrawat and Rakesh – while they were on a road trip to the Himalayan mountain resort of Manali.

Sehrawat and Rakesh reportedly asked their pal Abhinav Prakash – a 24-year-old airline worker from Delhi – to concoct the crazy story and he duly rang India's budget flight provider SpiceJet with the fake warning, reports The Mirror.

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It appeared to have had the desired effect with Prakesh said to have then contacted the two girls to celebrate the fact that their plane would not be leaving the tarmac at the scheduled time.

But the hapless go-between was rumbled and arrested with police now searching for Sehrawat and Rakesh, while the two women are also expected to be questioned as part of the probe.

Under interrogation, which can be conducted with questionable and outright barbaric methods in India, Prakash confessed that his childhood friends had been on a road trip to Manali when they met two women from Maharashtra, around 1,200 miles south, and the foursome became close.

Prakash told cops that Sehrawat and Rakesh had asked him to find a way for them to stay a little longer, and to delay their departure from Delhi.

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"As per Prakash, Kunal and Rakesh told him that they wanted to spend some more time with them and instigated the accused to chalk out a plan to somehow delay their departure from Delhi," senior police detective Ravi Singh said. "When the news of the arrest of Abhinav Prakash reached Kunal and Rakesh, they fled away from their addresses and are presently absconding. Efforts are being made to trace them."

On receiving the call on Thursday, police sprung into action and the 182-person flight – which had not yet taken off – was taken into isolation, checked and sanitised.

But, when the call was declared a hoax, the flight was allowed to take off and it is known that the women did eventually board a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Pune on the same day.

Inspectors Yashpal Singh and Virender Pakhre set up a task force, tracing the call back to Prakash's phone, before raiding his home and taking him into custody.


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