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Life in Britain’s ‘unmagic roundabout’ block of flats everyone wants to leave

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    The plight of families whose homes is placed in the middle of a busy roundabout is gaining attention due to safety concerns.

    With residents describing it as a 'circular hell-hole', a three-storey tower block containing families is under fire with traffic and parking concerns affecting the people.

    The property is in Penywaun, Aberdare in south Wales, where drivers are witness to a strange viewing when driving around the roundabout.

    According to residents, arbitrary things such as parking is impossible while going to the local shops is a journey in itself.

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    Residents have said their situation is indeed a "bit strange" but say they've learned to settle with it and normalise their situation.

    One mother, who is one of nine residents who lives in the flats, said: "You've heard of the magic roundabout – well this is the unmagic roundabout. It is no laughing matter though.

    "You can't park and you have to dodge the traffic going round and round every time you go out. Bonkers really."

    One unidentified resident said: "I've haven't been here that long and I already can't wait to leave.

    "It's miserable trying to have a car and bring your shopping in when there is nowhere to stop really. It's just an awkward spot to live in."

    Chelsea, a mother and fellow resident, says her mind is rife with worry about her young daughter's safety.

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    She said: "It's a bit strange. I've lived here for two years, and you just get used to it.

    "The cars come down the hill at a pace, and the school buses too, because there's a comprehensive nearby, so there's about 10 school buses."

    Due to safety concerns, Chelsea said she wouldn't want to let her daughter play outside near the road, and "can't wait" to move elsewhere when she has her second child.


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