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Diver screams for help as world’s fastest shark mauls him in chilling video

A chilling video has emerged showing the moment a diver was screaming for help as the world's fastest shark mauled him on a fishing trip.

Chad Patti, 30, and his friend Josh Loucks were spearfishing around 70 miles off the coast of Florida on New Year's Day, when he was attacked by a 10ft shortfin mako shark.

The bloke had GoPro attached to his head to record himself in the waters near Pensacola – but the footage captured something more chilling than intended.

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Chad had just returned to the surface of the water when the massive mako shark suddenly charged at him from below.

The chilling screams of the terrified fisherman could be heard in the clip as his friend was seen diving into the water to come to his rescue.

Patti claimed he was convinced the beast, which can swim up to 45mph, had devoured his scuba-diving fin as it had chomped down on it before vanishing.

Speaking to the Pensacola News Journal, he said: "It basically shoved my knee to my chest, almost knocked the wind out of me, knocked my gun out of my hand, partially flooded my mask and I did a summersault in the water.

"The first scream, the 'help,' I didn’t think I had a leg, honestly. It wasn’t just a bump.

"I got it [the video] slowed down five times the speed and you can see the shark clearly has the fin in its mouth. You can see him crush it.

"It was a predatory strike from the mako. I was his prey. There was no mistaken identity. There was no fish in the water. No blood in the water."

He explained that the shark had grabbed the fin on his foot to launch itself at him – which is said to be a popular hunting tactic used by the species to immobilise their prey.

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"It did what any mako does. It kind of takes out the motor, cuts the tail off the fish in the first strike and then it doubles back and finishes it off," Patti said.

"When it hit my fin, what it was doing was it was trying to take the motor out.

"Luckily the boat was there and my buddy Josh jumped in the water."

However, the bloke managed to escape uninjured from the attack and despite the ordeal Chad says he is still willing to go fishing as he won't let it stop him from "doing something [he] loves."


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