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‘Diana lookalike’ OnlyFans star tells Harry ‘we need to deal with mummy issues’

A ' Princess Diana lookalike' has commented on the "mummy issues" in Prince Harry's memoir, Spare.

Taking to Twitter, the OnlyFans star, Lauren Spencer, told the Duke of Sussex: "We really need to deal with your 'Mummy issues' Harry," along with a crying emoji.

The post to her near 30k followers, from the self proclaimed OnlyFans Posh Totty, shows her standing in front of a display case of the Prince's new book.

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In his memoir, the Duke has revealed that he and Meghan Markle prayed to Diana's grave 'for guidance' days before the Queen died, on the 25th anniversary of his mother's tragic death.

The prince talks about the pair's tranquil journey across the lake, where he surveyed the thousands of acres where his mother grew up, and where, "though things weren’t perfect, she’d known some peace."

He added that the pair had a quiet moment's reflection at the grave where they both in their minds asked her for exactly the same thing, guidance and clarity.

Lauren, 47, says people have told her she's the spitting image of the late Lady Di for decades and is now cashing in on her likeness.

She says she has been asked to play out twisted Royal Family fantasies for her subscribers.

In her role play videos, which she admits are pretty weird, fans pay her to pretend they are either Prince William or Harry engaging in incestuous activity.

She added that others speak to the former cam girl as though she is a medium for their idol – which she hasn't claimed to be – but now makes £206,000 per year from royal fans after chats and X-rated content.

Another regular request is for Lauren to dress up in Diana's infamous 'revenge dress' and "do naughty things" in it.

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