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Harry ‘downed vodka with bevvie of blondes’ in early signs of royal struggle

Prince Harry showed signs of struggle 15 years ago as a royal expert recalled seeing the Duke partying with blonde women in nightclubs.

As the Duke of Sussex's explosive memoir, Spare, being accidentally sold in Spain ahead of the scheduled release date, stunning revelations emerged including him mentioning his fight against the institution.

Harry said in a trailer of an interview with ITV that "I want a family, not an institution", and mentioned that the family "leaked and planted stories to the press".

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Vanity Fair royal editor Katie Nicholls spoke on BBC News that the struggle of Harry fighting against the institution showed while she was observing him throughout the years.

Katie, author of The New Royals, told the presenter: "The reason why I ended up in this job was because I was in a party in a nightclub with Prince Harry in 2006.

"He was in Eton studying his A-levels, he was getting very tipsy – knocking back vodka Redbulls and smoking Marlborough and entertaining a bevvie of blondes.

"That was Harry, that's what made him so appealing, that's what made him the royal rebel.

"But I suppose all the clues were really were there for us, it doesn't take a psychologist to work out losing your mother at the age of 12 is gonna have a lifelong, devastating impact."

She was "deeply moved" by Harry when he wrote about the time he drove through the tunnel where his mum, Princess Diana, was killed in a car accident.

He also talked to a clairvoyant who relayed messages from Diana.

"The desperation for answers – I think the signs were there," she continued.

"He resisted and rebelled frequently and constantly kicked back at the institution. What he doesn't seem to have learned is that he is not going to change it.

"Whatever he does, the institution evolves at its own pace, not because Prince Harry or Meghan insisted it does so."


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