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Andrew Tate accused of trying to lure teen into web of sex

Andrew Tate arrested in Romania

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Andrew Tate, the millionaire influencer currently under arrest in Romania in connection with an investigation into allegations of human trafficking and rape, has been accused of trying to lure the then-16-year-old daughter of a prominent politician into a life of vice. The former kickboxing champion was detained last week and is currently languishing in jail after being remanded for 30 days by prosecutors.

Now Daria Gusa, 19, whose father Cozmin is a Romanian MP, as well as a shareholder in the television station Realitatea TV, has claimed alleged the 36-year-old turned his attention to her in 2020.

She later told her father’s television station: “I had just created an account on Instagram when I received a message, quite suggestive, in which Andrew Tate basically asked me to go out with him.

“I then asked my other colleagues, who had received similar messages, because it seemed strange to me that someone with millions of followers would contact me, who had 200. 

“Another colleague continued to chat with him and he invited her directly to go out with him.

“Basically it was the ‘loverboy’ method, he applied it to girls from Ilfov or Prahova, from areas as close as possible to his home.’

Ms Gusa then discovered some of her former school friends had been sent similar messages.

One of them, who was 15 years old at the time, replied and kept her correspondence going for a while.

In posts on Facebook, Ms Gusa said: “The individual would propose that she meet him, bragging about the luxury cars they could drive her around or the famous restaurants where they could dine together.

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“Fortunately, my friend was not naive and refused, but as a result of the incident, the two Tates began to be monitored in the group of girls targeted by their messages, so I also came to know the details of the stormy exploits of the brothers, publicised and by the scandal press.”

Tate and his brother Tristan are accused of recruiting women and persuading them to travel to their £600,000 villa on the outskirts of Bucharest, Romania’s capital.

Here they would allegedly claim to be in love with the women in question before persuading them to perform sex acts on webcams.

Investigators are investigating the Tates over allegations they forced women to film porn films and keeping them under house arrest.

Women were forced to film porn videos in the compound and were kept under 24/7 house arrest, according to Romanian investigators.

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Andrew Tate’s model girlfriend, 28, and an ex-police worker who is also accused of helping lure women to their home were also arrested in the armed raid on the property.

Mr Tate, booted off Big Brother seven years ago after video was leaked showing him allegedly attacking a woman, has since earned money as an “inspirational” influencer for aspiring alpha males.

He gained a million followers on social media after becoming embroiled in a row with environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg last month.

He was last year banned from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube after a string of “misogynistic” posts, although Elon Musk recently restored his Twitter account. has contacted Andrew Tate via his publicist for comment.

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