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Bloke breaks into school and lives there for two days without anyone noticing

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    A man broke into a school over the Christmas holidays and lived there for two days, cooking in a classroom and playing basketball in the gym.

    The 35-year-old sought shelter at General Brown High School in upstate New York after he had got stuck in a snow drift while driving on a state highway on Christmas Day.

    He found himself marooned near Brownville – a small US town close to the Canadian border, according to a press release from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

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    Several feet of snow had fallen during a blizzard and he decided that the nearby school would provide the perfect place for refuge from the bitter weather.

    He went on to enjoy snacks from a concession stand, used a home economics classroom to cook food and shot hoops to keep himself active.

    The man did return to where he had left his snowbound SUV at one point but it had gone and, after a phone call to county authorities, he was told it had been towed away, as reported by New York television station WWNY.

    But, instead of contacting the towing company, he opted instead to extend his own "school holiday" for another 24 hours.

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    When he felt it was finally time to leave, he then made off with the school's snow plough truck, according to police.

    He was later found by officers, on December 27, five miles away in a general store in his home town of Watertown in the state of Massachusetts where he attempted to steal thousands of dollars' worth of firearms and "hunting, trapping, camping, and fishing gear".

    He had parked the far-from-inconspicuous snow plough truck outside, with police revealing that he had loaded all the looted items onto a sled near to the store's exit.

    The man was subsequently charged with two counts of burglary, one count of grand larceny, attempted grand larceny, three counts of criminal mischief, and possession of burglar’s tools.


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