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Astrid Wett sends shots to OnlyFans rival Elle Brooke with 70kg squat boast

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    Astrid Wett has boasted that she could squat OnlyFans rival Elle Brooke as their feud took a new twist on Instagram.

    The pair's latest spat came after Manchester City fan Elle posted on the social media platform that she weighed 60kg.

    In response, on her Stories, Chelsea supporter Astrid uploaded images of herself about to squat that weight at the gym with the accompanying caption: "60kg squats let's gooo."

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    She also added a cheeky laughing with one tear emoji.

    In a second shot, the weight had increased with Astrid posting: "70kg. RIP Astrid."

    Elle, who has 548,000 followers on Instagram, was due to take on Astrid, who boasts 346,000 followers, in an influencer boxing bout earlier this year.

    But Astrid pulled out a few weeks before the fight was due to take place.

    The two porn and TikTok stars have been going back and forth on social media for months, with more insults than actual punches exchanged at a bizarre press conference in June.

    Elle turned up to the press conference with a makeshift coffin containing a dummy of Astrid inside to promote the planned KingPyn Boxing Event at the Indigo in London's O2 Arena on July 16.

    At the time, Astrid said: "I wanted to prove to everybody that a porn star can do something different. I wanted it to be well respected [and to] change the opinion on girls that are in the same line of work.

    “I personally feel that the KingPyn event is not the event for this. Things have changed from what we first thought when we signed six to seven weeks ago.”

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    Astrid also criticised Elle's coffin jibe "the day after somebody tragically lost their life in the boxing ring".

    She added that Elle's actions and repeated assertion that she will "kill" Astrid had made her concerned for her "actual safety during the fight”.

    It didn't stop Elle getting into the ring, as she ended up fighting former Love Island contestant AJ Bunker, and winning.

    And as she prepares for her second bout against American influencer Faith Ordway on January 14 – with actual boxing champion-turned-OnlyFans model Ebanie Bridges by her side – it has been confirmed that arch-rival Astrid will be there commentating on the fight.

    So, it seems there will be no end to the cattiness in 2023!


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