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King Charles ‘secret son’ breaks silence on Harry and Meghan docuseries

A man who claims to be the secret son of King Charles has broken his silence on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix docuseries, claiming it "raises some interesting questions".

Simon Charles Dorante-Day, from Australia, has repeatedly gone viral over his wild claims that he is the biological son of King Charles III and Camilla – and has even pushed for a DNA test to be taken to prove it.

He updates his followers on Facebook regularly, and gave a revealing response when a fan gave her review of the Netflix bombshell, calling it "refreshing and honest".

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Simon, 56, said that certain media pundits are "on a mission" to undermine the Sussexes.

"All we are hearing over here is how bad it is and how much people are 'not fooled' by it etc," he wrote.

"Lots of talk the one-way and who cares…but they raise some interesting questions and the reaction to them, from the obvious media pundits, has been overtly nasty, divisive, and hypocritical from my perspective – the media pundits are obviously 'on a mission'.

"Like, the 'blood's thicker than water response' for example … Umm, from an adoption experience I know that's a crock of s***. They were all happy when Harry had to play third cog to Kate and Will."

Simon was referencing partisan royal commentator Dan Wootton, who issued this dire warning to Prince Harry in a piece for the Daily Mail.

He began by writing: “If the life of Elizabeth II has taught us one thing it is that blood is thicker than water.”

Simon also gave a cryptic response when recently asked "are we any closer to having the truth revealed?"

Responding to the woman's question on December 18, under a picture featuring he and his partner imposed onto an Australian bank note, he wrote: "Absolutely – certainly have plans for next year and a fresh approach!

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"The point is we have to exist, and we have to do the everyday things that we all have to do to exist!

"Some of it takes time because it all has a priority but there are lots of things already happening on lots of different fronts on any given day! It just doesn't stop at this end – and as more things become exposed or occur it changes the direction things will take!!

"Until some things happen or occur (Her Majesty passing for example) it changed a lot of things!! So, its constantly in flux – doesn't mean it's not happening!"

Following the death of Her Majesty The Queen on September 8, Simon said that he will continue to push hard – with legal aid – to get his voice heard.


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