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Zelensky accused of dressing like ‘strip club owner’ by TV host in bizarre rant

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    Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky made a historic trip to the US this week but it was his attire that had people talking.

    Several critics had a dig at the Ukrainian leader for wearing combat gear whilst visiting the White House and Congress, at the request of US president Joe Biden.

    FOX News commentator Tucker Carlson accused the Ukrainian leader of dressing like the "manager of a strip club demanding money" as he pleaded for more funding amid the ongoing 10-month conflict with Russia.

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    In what was his first foreign visit since Russia invaded Ukraine in February earlier this year, Zelensky's choice of garment included a camouflage coloured sweatshirt, similar coloured pants and combat boots.

    Wendell Husebo, writer for the news website Breitbart, had his say on the matter.

    He tweeted: "Zelensky arrives at the White House to demand more support than $45B aid in the omnibus bill.

    "For $45B, show some respect and rent a suit."

    The criticism didn't stop there as Benny Johnson, a host on news channel Newsmax, tweeted: "This ungrateful piece of s*** does not have the decency to wear a suit to the White House – no respect the country that is funding his survival.

    "Track suit wearing eastern european con-man mafia. Our leaders fell for it. They have disgraced us all. What an incredible insult."

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    Joe Biden was wearing a suit when he was with Zelensky, in which financial commentator Peter Schiff said was "the proper attire".

    Schiff wrote: "I know there's a war, but #Zelensky isn't under fire. He flew to the U.S. aboard a U.S. government private jet, arrived at the White House in a Chauffeur Driven SUV, yet showed up wearing a sweatshirt.

    "It's better than a t-shirt, but I still maintain the proper attire is a suit."


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