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Northern Ireland set to be covered in festive fog in dire warning

Christmas weather: Met Office forecasts shift to chilly temperatures

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Northern Ireland is facing fog in central, southern and western areas of the province, according to the Met Office. The meteorological service added that they expected that the fog will start to lift on Friday morning.

However, they warned than travel could remain difficult in these areas in the early hours and advised people to take care.

In a video posted on Twitter the Met Office gave five key tips for drivers in Northern Ireland to follow when driving through fog early on Friday.

Firstly they advised motorists to make sure they are familiar with operating their front and rear fog lights.

Drivers were also advised not to use full beam lights as they are designed for night time driving and could blind other drivers despite the fog being present and the fog also reflects the light back reducing visibility even more.

Motorists were also advised to follow the “two second” rule by staying at least two second behind the vehicle in front or ideally more to leave sufficient space between themselves and the vehicle in front.

Fourthly they need to make sure that the heater is set to windscreen de-misting and open all the vents to ensure visibly is clear.

Finally, if visibility is very limited drivers should wind down their windows at junctions and crossings so they can listen out for any approaching traffic.

The Met Office also warned that Friday could see some heavy rain in Northern Ireland and snow, according to The Belfast Telegraph.

According to the metrological service, Ballymena in County Antrim will be faced with foggy conditions around 2 am followed by a sustained mist from 3 to 8am.

Cookstown in County Tyrone will be covered in fog from 2 am to 8 am followed by rainy and misty conditions.

Enniskillen in county Fermanagh will be enveloped in fog from 2 to 5 am followed by mist to 8 am followed by showers.

In their overnight forecast for the province the Met Office said that rain and winds would follow the lifting on the fog later on Friday.

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They said: “A few clear spells and patchy frost in west but rather cloudy with some mist and fog overnight and the odd shower, though these most likely over the east and northeast with southeast winds freshening.

“Minimum temperature 0C.

“Some early brightness then cloud thickening to bring rain, some heavy with snow on higher ground for a time.

“East or southeast winds strengthening but lighter southwest winds later. Maximum temperature 6C.”

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