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New maps show snow plume hammering parts of Britain on Christmas Eve

Met Office in-depth look at freezing weather and 'when it will end'

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Much of the UK will see temperatures rise by 15C today and at the start of this week – but in the hours before Christmas the tables are set to turn. Cold weather is set to return to the UK as early as tomorrow after a brief 24 hour mild interlude affecting much of the south and central parts of England. New maps show parts of Britain to remain chilly throughout this week, with Christmas Eve being no exception. From midnight rain will be set to fall across the north, which, could fall as snow in the coldest regions. 

Many families could wake up to snow on Christmas morning in the first proper white Christmas in more than a decade. The last time this country saw widespread snow on December 25 was in 2010. In the years since, some snowflakes have fallen, but on the whole, it has not been enough to transform the nation’s surroundings into a winter wonderland. 

Jim Dale, from British Weather Services, told “Cold air is incoming over Scotland on December 24 then Northern Ireland and northern parts of England and Wales overnight into Christmas morning.  It is cold enough for snow to lay if it’s substantial enough but the precise outcomes are not yet certain.”

This forecast won’t be before an unsettled week, with strong winds and prolonged periods of rain hammering down on the UK until at least tomorrow. This has sparked a yellow weather warning from the Met Office which covers much of the south, the south west of England and southern Wales.

It expires early tomorrow but warns of 150mm of rain lashing high ground at Dartmoor, but around 30 to 80mm to hit within the warning area, the forecaster added.

While the rain warning will be short-lived, it is actually the rain coming in from the Atlantic which could be responsible for providing a festive scene this weekend. Maps show bouts of rainfall pushing from the west constantly over this week, with sporadic showers likely. 

By December 23 a big precipitation push will come across the south, with heavy rain predicted. If this weather front comes off it may be the topic of another rain warning, although the Met Office has not confirmed this. 

This heavy band of rain will push northwards by midday with large parts of Scotland set to get more snowfall by dusk as temperatures plunge to -1C in some parts, with a blanket of snow potentially laying just before Christmas Eve.

Then, early on December 24, heavy rain will continue to batter Scotland and northern England with up to 4cm of snow falling across the Scottish border, interactive maps from WXCHARTS predict. 

But there is one key factor which stands between Britain getting a white Christmas, according to Mr Dale. Some maps show sporadic snow may even fall on December 25, but he said it all largely depends on the cold front which returns for many.

Speaking to, he added: “A white Christmas is not impossible. Just a matter of how far the cold front sinks and whether there is anything left on it by the time it clears the Midlands, if it gets that far.”

This means much of central and southern England is unlikely to get a festive scene on Christmas morning, potentially due to temperatures reaching highs of 4C. This is in comparison to the north where highs of -3C are predicted. This, therefore, makes the snow risk far greater in the north. 

With the fluctuation of the mercury over the last few days, people have been warned of such rapid thaws causing water pipe issues – which have actually become a reality over the weekend. 

A road in London was evacuated as a burst water main caused flooding, and parts of Broadstairs, Manston, Margate, and Ramsgate are also still without water supply due to a similar issue.

Peter Jenkins, director of campaigns at Water UK, said: “The recent freezing weather has been very disruptive to many people. The last thing we want is for people to experience further disruption, putting many homes at risk of burst pipes due to freeze-thaw. 

“That’s why we’re urging everyone to check their water pipes are well insulated now, and to follow our simple tips to protect homes against weather conditions. If you’re concerned about the impact of freeze-thaw or the cold weather, we encourage you to get in touch with your water company for further help and advice.” 

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