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Kim Jong-un’s North Korea fires two ballistic missiles as nuclear war fears grow

North Korea has test fired two more ballistic missiles with enough range to strike Japan, sparking fresh nuclear war fears.

The missiles were fired off the east coast of North Korea, travelling approximately 311 miles at a height of 340 miles, with despotic leader Kim Jong-un in attendance at the launch.

It was confirmed by South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff that the explosives landed in the East Sea between Japan and North Korea, but the missile's firing angle indicated they have devastating potential to reach Japanese land.

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The test prompted worried neighbours South Korea to convene an emergency security meeting in which they ‘strongly condemned’ the North’s actions.

Japanese Vice Defence Minister Toshiro Ino also condemned Pyongyang, accusing North Korea of jeopardising the safety of Japanese citizens.

However, the US Indo-Pacific Command insisted the recent launch does not pose immediate risks to US personnel or allies, calling the US commitment to the Japanese and South Korean defence “ironclad”.

Tensions within the peninsula have intensified this year. South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol was elected, and his harder stance on North Korea has evoked a wave of military demonstrations from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

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Recent military drills between the US, Japan, and South Korea have been taken as a threat by North Korea, with despot Kim Jong-un claiming they have provoked North Korea's increased missile testing.

The flight details of the latest launch appeared to use Pukguksong-2 missiles, Kwon Yong Soo, a former professor at Korean National Defense University in South Korea, told the Associated Press.

Pukguksong missiles can travel up to 1,240 miles when launched when launched at regular trajectory as opposed to the angled launch seen on Sunday, according to Kwon.

The latest string of weapon tests have also included a high-thrust solid fuel engine that enabled more mobile missile launches as North Korea continues to expand its missile programme.

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Leif-Eric Easley, a professor of international studies at Ewha University in Seoul said “Compared to liquid-propellant weapons, solid-fuel missiles are more mobile, quicker to launch, and easier to conceal and use during a conflict.

“Once deployed, the technology would make North Korea’s nuclear forces more versatile, survivable, and dangerous.”

Kim Jong-un was at the site of the recent launch, in a spell of public sightings aimed at promoting his missile agenda.


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