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‘I lost my arms and legs in 14,000 volt electrocution that killed my colleagues’

A bloke lost all of his limbs in a freak workplace electrical accident that claimed the lives of his two colleagues.

Elvis Sanabria, 48, had 14,000 volts of electricity pass through his body while at work two years ago.

In April 2020, the Venezuelan and his colleagues were doing work on a groundwater well when they accidentally made contact with a high-voltage wire.

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The shock killed the two people who he was working with and while lucky to escape with his life, Elvis paid a huge price.

He needed to have both of his legs and both of his arms amputated following the accident.

He has since had aGoFundMeset up by someone called Adriana Villamizar and it has already pulled in $1,976 (£1,627), although has a long way to go to reach its target of $15,000.

In the post, speaking at Elvis, is says: "I am amputated on the legs and arms by a work accident where I received an electric shock of 14 thousand volts two years ago, where two of my colleagues also lost their lives, being the only survivor.

"It occurred on April 22, 2020 in the elaboration of a groundwater well and that unexpectedly we made contact with a high cable tension."

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The fundraiser was set up in July of this year and has received 49 donations in total.

Both of his arms were taken above the elbow, and both of his legs were taken above the knee.

Elvis’ torso suffered painful-looking wounds from the shock, which has seen him forced to set off on the long road to recovery and adjusting to his new needs.

Elvis has attracted the attention of Loren Schauers, who lost three of his limbs when a forklift fell on him.

Loren has become a prominent voice online, and posted a kind message about Elvis.

On his Instagram story he posted a picture of the Venezuelan man and said: “Hey guys this is Elvis Sanabria, he needs your help!

“By donating or connecting him to a prosthetic specialist who can get this man the prosthetics he so desperately needs, look at the way he has adapted with what he has and now eats.

“Guys incredible.

“Let’s show him some support.”

Loren then posted a video of Elvis exercising with resistance bands and the incredible way he has adapted to eating.

The third video shows Elivs’ remarkable eating solution, which seems him fit the top half of a plastic bottle over the remaining part of his arm and attach a spoon to it.

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