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Good Samaritan pins thug to the ground outside Asda after seeing him attack mum

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    A Good Samaritan said he just did what “any decent person would do” after fighting off a man attacking a woman outside Asda.

    Jason Blake, 34, tackled a bloke to the ground after witnessing him launch a terrifying assault on a mum as she walked down a Grimsby street in Lincolnshire, with her three children.

    James has since been told that his fingernail may never grow back after it was bitten off by the aggressor, who unleashed violence on a woman at random.

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    He was entering the supermarket car park when he witnessed a man "run up" to a woman who was walking with her three children and "start screaming" at her, reports Grimsby Live.

    He said the man proceeded to throw the woman onto the ground and punched her in the face as he tried to steal her phone and handbag.

    When her children attempted to protect her from the attacker, he pushed the eldest one away – aged around eight – before punching him.

    Humberside Police say they are investigating the assault of the woman, who sustained injuries to her face during the incident. A 38-year-old man was arrested in connection with the attack and has been released on bail.

    "My mate and I jumped out of the car and just left it in the middle of the road. My mate pushed him off her and we made sure she was OK. He had ran off towards Asda, so I went to find him and I found him at the checkouts buying pizza," Jason said.

    "I said to him, 'What was that about?' and he said: 'None of your f***ing business'. I said it was and that I was making it my business, because you don't assault a woman in public in front of her kids and then punch an eight-year-old.

    "He said: 'What are you going to do about it?' and I said we were going to walk outside and that I would take it to the police. He said, 'Well they won't arrest me, because I'm the King of the Universe'. As we were walking outside, he tried to run off so I grabbed hold of him and we ended up having a scrap on the floor.

    Jason said the man then bit through his fingernail – which doctors subsequently had to remove entirely. "I had to have a tetanus shot and I spent three-and-a-half hours in A&E, all for being a good Samaritan," he said.

    "I was told by doctors that my fingernail may well never grow back. So it wasn't your standard Saturday. But I just see it as, I did what any decent person would do.”

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