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Protester’s hand left glued to huge chunk of Tarmac after police cut it out

A climate protester has been left in the strange situation of having a large chunk of road attached to his hand after he glued himself to it.

Raul Semmler, 38, was one of six Last Generation protesters who blocked Binger Street in Mainz, Germany, to protest against climate change on December 9.

Police arrived at the scene of the protest to find some of the activists had glued themselves to the street, with Semmler having used a mixture of sand and super glue.

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Three of the activists had the glue lock broken using olive oil and were set free, as were two more people who didn’t use glue at all.

But for former actor and screenwriter Semmler, the process wasn’t so easy, and the officers ended up needing to cut him out of the road using a hammer drill.

Semmler was nonchalant about the issue, however, and refused medical attention or a visit to hospital.

He told local media: "My hand is fine. I took that piece with me. I also said that I didn't need medical treatment."

Semmler added that he wouldn’t have done it if it had been dangerous, using a mixture of oil and water to get it all off.

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Around 80 members of the emergency services were called out to the incident.

Environmental protests of this nature have been deeply controversial around the world.

Protestors have been staging similar actions on roads across Europe, including in the UK.

Some herald the activists as brave, putting their health and well-being on the line in the name of the cause.

Others have been more critical, arguing that the activities are mistargeted and are impacting people who are not to blame for rising global emissions.

Police have since launched criminal proceedings against the Mainz activists and may charge them with the costs of the damage.

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