Lindsay Hoyle erupts at Tory MP for breaking Commons rules

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Sir Lindsay Hoyle has slammed an MP for seemingly taking a picture on their phone during Rishi Sunak’s statement in the Commons. The Prime Minister was announcing plans this afternoon to tackle the asylum backlog and Channel crossings when the Commons speaker stepped in to reprimand Conservative MP Ben Bradley.

Sir Lindsay ordered Mr Bradley to leave the chamber, delete the snap and talk to the Sergeant at Arms, warning it was “totally unacceptable”.

Stopping the PM, the Commons speaker stood up and said: “Somebody flashed a camera then. It’s quite serious to take photographs in the Chamber.

“Can I just say if the member knew they’d taken the photograph I expect them to delete it and go out of the chamber.

“It is totally unacceptable when the Prime Minister is speaking to disrupt.”

Addressing Mr Bradley, he added: “Was it yourself? Well, I hope it’s deleted. Can you go out and speak with the Sergeant because it didn’t look that way to me.”

The Mansfield MP was not sitting on the MPs’ benches but in a small area at the back, usually reserved for MPs’ guests or MPs when there aren’t enough seats.

Mr Bradley was seen showing his phone to the Sergeant at Arms, who seemed satisfied with what was shown to him.


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