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Fuming diner vows to never eat KFC again as grim discovery deep fried into food

A disgusted KFC customer says she is never eating at the fast-food restaurant again after she found a deep fried insect embedded in her chip.

Sickened Hannah Stephens found the huge bug stuck in her food after she had already eaten half of the meal.

But after contacting KFC to complain about her ordeal, the woman in Queensland, Australia, was left even more fuming as the popular food chain offered her a measly $20 (£11) to apologise.

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Taking to the 'Tea Time' group on Facebook, she raged: “As if I'm ever eating there again. I love my KFC chips with a side of … whatever the f*** this thing is.

“Lol KFC gave me a $20 discount… I'm sorry but $20 doesn't make up for that s***.”

The whopping insect, which has distinctive bulging eyes and a needle-like mouth, was identified as a damsel bug that hunts mites and fellow insects’ eggs.

Her grim picture of the contaminated meal received more than 300 comments from horrified Facebook users.

One unhelpful member pointed out: “The fact that you’ve eaten half the box means there’s a fair chance you’ve eaten other bugs.”

Whilst another admitted: “I would have been crying and throwing up.”

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“I wonder if they got in there when the chips were initially being produced or at the store,” a third said.

Hannah says she is currently waiting for a response from the Queensland health department over her stomach-churning discovery.

A KFC spokesperson has confirmed the chicken chain is investigating the matter.

“We’re sorry our customer had this experience and are trying to make contact to discuss the matter further,” they said.

“Our team is investigating the incident to better understand what has happened.”

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