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North Korea kills teenagers by firing squad ‘for watching South Korean films’

Two youngsters in North Korea have been publicly executed by a firing squad for watching and sharing films from rival country South Korea, horrifying reports say.

Disturbed locals were made to watch on as the two teenagers, estimated to be around 16-years-old, were shot dead by cruel cops.

Brutal dictator Kim Jong-un has launched a crackdown on cultural influences from outside his country and has even employed undercover police to catch people sharing films from the West.

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Anyone caught enjoying a foreign film can expect to be sent to a disciplinary labour centre – and if they are caught again, they’ll be sent back for another five years alongside their parents.

The harsh punishments are even more brutal for films from South Korea, and anyone caught selling films from the country risks being put to death.

Sources in the country told Radio Free Asia that the two teenagers who were executed had been “caught in a trap” by police after they sold the illegal contraband in a local market.

The young pair were put to death alongside a third teenager, who had been sentenced to the same punishment for the murder of his step-mum.

Authorities reportedly told residents watching on at an airfield in the city of Hyesan, where the cold-blooded killings took place, that the alleged crimes warranted the same punishment.

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They warned: “Those who watch or distribute South Korean movies and dramas, and those who disrupt social order by murdering other people, will not be forgiven and will be sentenced to the maximum penalty – death.”

South Korean and Western movies infiltrating North Korea have terrified its leaders, who are worried it could spread a revolutionary message.

A second source told the outlet: “Despite intensive control and crackdowns to eradicate reactionary thought and culture, young people are still caught secretly watching South Korean movies.

“So now the authorities are embarking on a reign of terror through public execution.”

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