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Evil thug who killed Brit heiress has sentence raised after appealing conviction

A bouncer who killed his British girlfriend had his 18-year prison sentence increased by six months.

Marc Schatzle, 33, was jailed in October 2021 for the murder of heiress Anna Reed, 22, as he appealed against the lengthy sentence and conviction last month.

Anna was tragically found dead in a hotel room in Lugano, Switzerland, three years ago.

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Despite Schatzle and his defence team attempting to change his conviction to manslaughter by claiming Anna's death came about accidentally in a sex game, his sentence was instead increased by six months by the Court of Appeal.

On top of the increased sentence, the court also ruled that the German-born Schatzle will be deported and banned from entering Switzerland for 14 years, rendering him unable to visit his child.

At his appeal, Schatzle said: “What happened was an accident, I never wanted Anna’s death.

“Despite what the prosecutor says, I have said sorry, I’ve said sorry to Anna’s family, and I’ve said sorry to my family for causing this disaster.

“I didn’t do what the prosecution says, it was just a banal accident, I accept I inadvertently caused her death.”

Schatzle's testimony of how Anna died is that her passing came about accidentally as he said he placed a towel around her throat during consensual sex.

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At the time, the pair were staying in the five-star hotel La Palme au Lac in Locarno in April 2019.

However, Judge Mauro Emani didn't buy his story as he labelled him as a “liar” and a “dangerous man” and sentenced him to 18 years in prison.

Prosecutor Petra Canonica Alexakis lambasted Schatzle at the appeal in October, claiming that he had been “lying for three years” and his story of an “accident and sex game tragically gone wrong” were falsities.

She said: “He is a killer and the first trial confirmed this. The first trial didn’t believe it was an erotic game and an accident.

“There is nothing to confirm his version of events and he has refused to cooperate with investigators from the beginning.

Ms Alexakis continued: “Anna hated liars and she hated being lied to and the night she died she had learnt what sort of man Schatzle was.

“The night Anna died there was no sex game and there was no attempt at a joke by hiding her credit card in a lift.

“She died because of an intentional gesture and the medical report revealed wound to her gums consistent with a hand being placed over her mouth.”


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