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‘Osama bin Laden tested chemical weapons on my dogs,’ evil terrorist’s son says

Osama bin Laden's son has spoken out about what life was like living with one of the world's most infamous terrorists.

Omar bin Laden, 41, was the al-Qaeda boss' fourth-eldest son and heir, and endured a harrowing upbringing where he witnessed his father's henchmen test weapons on his much-loved pets and was taught to fire AK47s at a young age.

"I think I was one of the victims of my father," Omar told the Sun.

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"All my life [I spent] travelling around from place to place, area to area. I never settled down."

From a young age, Omar was taught to use lethal weapons and he recalled that some of his father's men had used chemical weapons on his dog, Bobby.

"I saw them [the henchmen]," he recalled. "They tried it on my dogs."

At 15, Omar was selected to carry on his father's legacy.

He previously recalled: "My father never asked me to join al-Qaeda, but he did tell me I was the son chosen to carry on his work.

"He was disappointed when I said I was not suited to that life."

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Omar has long been critical of his father's actions and decided to abandon his terrorist dad and al-Qaeda before the famous Twin Tower bombings on September 11, 2001.

"I took myself, I got myself out before even all this happened," he recalled.

"I said goodbye and […] [Osama bin Laden] wasn't happy that I'm leaving. End of the story. And I left."

After leaving al-Qaeda, Omar never spoke to his jihadi father again before he was killed in 2011.

Speaking of his father's death, Omar said: "I felt like, 'at least my now rests in peace', as they say in the Christian world.

"I don't know what they [did] to him. They said they threw him in the ocean but I don't believe that.

"I think they [took him] to America for […] people to see."

When asked if he still loves his father, he said: "Family will always be family, no matter what."

Omar said he wasn't given the chance to see his father's body following bin Laden's historic death.

He believed that leaving the terrorist group would mean his trouble was over, but with the bin Laden name still attached to him, he has found people still judge him.

He said he is now trying to survive and has to take medicine sometimes, but that his suffering has continued, both caused by the trauma he faced growing up surrounded by al-Qaeda and from the way he has been treated since walking away.

"I always try not to live in the reality of this world," he said. "I struggle a lot in my life."

Nowadays, Omar's life couldn't be more different from his upbringing.

A celebrated international artist, Omar sells his paintings of Afghan scenery around the world for up to £8,500 apiece.

"From day to night I became a very very famous artist, an international artist."

"My favourite subject is mountains after living in Afghanistan for five years," he said.

"They give me a safe feeling, like I’m untouchable."

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Omar is also now married to Zaina bin Laden, a six-times-married great-grandmother who, before meeting Omar, was known as Jane Felix-Browne and was a parish councillor in Cheshire.

The pair now live in Normandy, France, after they met near the pyramids of Giza and eventually tied the knot.

Together the pair now like watching western movies, including Shrek and Clint Eastwood.


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