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Russia soldier wounded by friendly fiere as ‘wild footage’ shows chaos

Russian soldiers come under friendly fire during retreat from Kherson

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In the footage, one of the soldiers can be heard saying: “Throw it, come on, who has a normal grenade? Not in a bundle.”

The other Russian soldier took the pin out of the grenade and threw it at boats attached to the river deck a short distance away from theirs.

His fellow serviceman added: “Excellent! Shoot the small one, shoot the engine.”

Moments later, he can be seen picking up his rifle and starting to shoot multiple bullets at the boats.

Shots can be heard ringing out in the opposite direction as a group of Russian soldiers already across the river started targeting them after seemingly confusing them for Ukrainian troops.

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The shots hit one of the Russian soldiers still on the western bank of the river, with his companion holding his hands and his gun up in the air, shouting: “Stop we’re our own!”

The injured soldier could be heard moaning in pain after realising he had been hit, shouting: “Bullet wound! F****ng bullet wound!”

Despite attempts to get their fellow servicemen to stop firing at them, the two soldiers continued to be targeted by multiple rounds of gunfire.

The Russian soldier continued to cry out, “we’re our own! We’re our own!”  to get the other Russian troops to stop firing as he and his companion tried to get away at a rapid pace.

Russian mobilised soldier reviews his helmet and humanitarian aid

The display sparked further questions about the preparedness of Russian troops, which have come under scrutiny over their struggle to push back against Ukraine’s counter-offensive.

Twitter user @wartranslated, who has been contributing to the coverage of the conflict by translating footage from the battlefield, said: “Wild footage of Russian servicemen coming under friendly fire during their exodus from Kherson.

“The soldiers were engaged in destroying boats on the shore when they came under fire from another bank of the Dnieper. At least one man has been wounded immediately.”

@MrGlorindel wrote: “best army of clowns in the world.”

@PunishedRazzi added: “Friendly fire happens, it’s been happening since forever and it’s sadly normal. That said, couldn’t have happened to better subjects.”

@Truepotatoriot said: “Naw it’s not normal, blue on blue incidents are rare in US military and are investigated immediately.”

@Who_Cares121101 commented: “Uhh… Do they even have a… Radio???”

@SchauerSuasanne wrote: “That is the Problem if you have no communication.”

@CharlesLeGoat added: “why would they release this.”

@Daan1012 said: “Their own fault. They started shooting.”

@KonstantyKrzem commented: “They were assigned the job of destroying civilian boats to make it harder for Ukrainians to use the when they take the city, guys at the opposite bank of the river apparently weren’t informed of such mission taking place and took them for Ukrainian saboteurs.”

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