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Robbers drag schoolgirl by necklace, leaving her ‘too scared to go outside’

A young girl was left tramautised after being dragged 10 feet when two thieves stole her necklace.

Julie Valria, 12, said she is now "scared to go outside" following the incident that happened during broad daylight in Elmhurst, Queens in New York City.

Street surveillance footage released by New York Police Department captured the terrifying attack on October 24 when she was on her way home from school.

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The duo was seen riding an electric scooter and following Julie on a pavement.

All of a sudden, the man in the backseat leaned to the left and tried to rip the necklace from Julie's neck.

The necklace didn't come off and they ended up dragging the schoolgirl about 10 feet further down the road.

The man in a blue cap got off the bike and snatched the jewellery off her and hopped back on the transport as they immediately fled the scene.

Julie was left with a bruise around her neck.

She told Fox News: "It happened fast. I didn't feel when I was getting dragged.

"I only cared about the necklace. I mean, it's scary to go out into the streets most of the time.

"They're just the worst human beings alive."

Julie explained the necklace was important to her as it's a religious piece that had sentimental value.

New York Police Department shared the footage on Twitter asking for witnesses to come forward with information.

They wrote: "Wanted for robbery pattern: Between October 24, 2022 and November 7, 2022, two unidentified males approached seven separate victims in Queens, ranging in age from 12-year-old to 70-year-old.

"They snatched their necklaces from their necks before fleeing. Here is a closer look at the suspects.

"If you have any information, [email protected], or call 800-577-TIPS."


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