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Mum and daughter flee ‘filthy’, ‘worst ever’ Blackpool hotel that ruined holiday

A mum and her daughter have fled a "filthy" Blackpool hotel that ruined their holiday, with the pair saying it may be their "final" time in the holiday hotspot.

Their horrendous holiday together was upturned by "the worst hotel they have ever stayed in", with Sandra Henderson and her daughter heading to Blackpool for a birthday celebration following her daughter's terminal cancer diagnosis.

But their experience was ruined by the Blackpool Promenade Hotel, a tainted experience that saw the pair change hotels, LancashireLive reports.

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Sandra, who has since received a full refund from the hotel, said that their arrival, which saw a closed bar "piled with dirty bottles and cups", was not a good start.

The holidaymaker continued: "We checked in and were given a room on the fourth floor. We had paid extra for a room with a sea view. However, because of my daughter's cancer, she's walking with a stick at the moment, and the lift was broken.

"We made it upstairs to our room, but I took one look at my daughter and knew she wouldn't be able to manage the stairs for the remainder of our trip. She was exhausted."

It was after a quick drop-off of the bags and a return to the reception that issues began to come through, though, with Sandra's return to the room noticing the state of their living space.

Sandra added: "When we got back, my daughter went to use the bathroom, and that's when I noticed the carpet in the room hadn't been vacuumed.

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"Then my daughter called out from the bathroom that there was no toilet roll. We then saw the state of the shower. I remember thinking that the tiles could just be discoloured, but when I wiped my finger on the tiles, it came up black, it was filthy.

"We wanted a brew before we went out again, but when I looked in the coffee cups, they were filthy too. Every surface in the room was covered in grime and dust, yet someone must have been in there to clean because the bed had been made."

Specs of faeces were also spotted on the rim of the toilet bowl, in conditions that were far from ideal.

The last straw however came as the manager told Sandra she should have enquired about a room change earlier, with the pair then deciding to up and leave for a different hotel.

A spokesperson for Blackpool Promenade Hotel said: "We are sorry the customer expressed their disappointments for their stay. We completed our investigation regarding the guest's allegations.

"Our question is why they did not stay in the room that they booked originally and asked us to provide a lower floor on short notice when there is a full occupancy of the hotel.

"It's always easy to target and blame the hotels and a good excuse to get the money [refunded]."


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