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Bloke dated Britain’s worst female bigamist until she cheated with five husbands

A bloke who dated Britain's worst female bigamist has revealed he dumped the woman, who had five husbands, after discovering she was cheating on him.

Wayne Harper, 43, discovered that his now ex-girlfriend, Emily Horne, was having an affair for 18 months of their relationship together.

The pair had met in hospital after Harper was involved in a cycling accident and Horne was in for a minor operation, with the revelation that Horne had five husbands leaving Wayne undeterred.

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The Brierley Hill, West Midlands resident had said: "She is good looking, slim, sexy and intelligent – what more could a man ask for?"

Less husbands would have been a start, with Wayne discovering his partner's cheating just 18 months after standing by Emily, who was married to five different men at the time.

The 43-year-old had declared he would stand by her so long as she was loyal, but suspicions grew, Wayne accused Emily of cheating, and subsequently dumped her.

Speaking to The Sun of his time with Emily, he said: "I split up with her, it was my doing because I found out she was cheating on me. I was only with her for 18 months and it was not a happy ending. I have nothing left of her in my life, no pictures, nothing.

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"I was her partner not a husband and at the time she had five husbands."

Emily was convicted of bigamy around 2004, sentenced to six months in prison and a second court ruling followed for bigamy in 2009, with a 10 months suspended for two years sentence on the bigamist.

Despite "standing by her" at the time and having no plans to marry Emily, Wayne's loyalty was reportedly tested by the ex-adult star.

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Wayne added: "She told me about being a bigamist a couple of weeks after we met. She also told me she'd done some adult movies and I was a bit stunned about that. But I can understand why she didn't want to tell me the whole gory details."

Emily had married a total of five husbands without divorcing them, marrying Paul Rigby in 1996, Sean Cunningham three years later, Cunningham's mate Simon Thorpe and subsequently Chris Barrett and James Matthews.


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