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OnlyFans star Elle Brooke says one activity makes her ‘bossiest b***h ever’

OnlyFans model Elle Brooke has revealed the one activity that turns her into the "bossiest b***h ever".

The porn star and TikTok sensation took to Twitter today (Wednesday, November 2) to share a life update with her 750,000 followers.

Evidently taking a break from shooting raunchy videos to flog online, Elle revealed that she was heading to an escape room.

Escape rooms are puzzle games that groups of friends can attend, which see you locked somewhere under the supervision of staff.

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Each room will contain a series of clues as to how to get out, with the challenge being to make your way through all the rooms in the quickest amount of time.

Unfortunately for those completing the challenge with Elle today, she confessed she might not always be the best teammate.

She wrote: "Doing an Escape Room today, I turn into the bossiest b***h ever with stuff like this hahaha."

"That [would] be funny to see," one fan of the OnlyFans model tweeted in reply.

Another fan, clearly a bit hot under the collar, said: "Let's be honest [the] majority of your followers would love to be bossed about by you."

As ever, Elle has been extremely active on Twitter in recent days and yesterday (Tuesday, November 1) vowed to become a nuisance for men all over the world in the coming days.

The self-styled "porn princess" hinted that she has some NSFW content lined up for November, just in time for the No Nut November challenge – an internet fad which sees blokes promise not to enjoy any alone time for the entire month.

Elle tweeted: "I hope to be the biggest burden to everyone’s NNN [No Nut November]."

Today she also took to her Instagram Story to show fans that she was back in the boxing gym.

Elle previously defeated former Love Island star AJ Bunker in the ring after her OnlyFans rival Astrid Wett pulled out of their proposed fight.

Astrid then went on to win a different fight of her own, and since then Elle has made it clear who she wants to box next.

Elle said in a video after Astrid's fight: "What a pathetic excuse for a fight!

"I've seen more power punches from a f***ing toddler. You didn't call me out because you don't want the smoke.

"I wanna fight you right f***ing now b***h!"

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