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Stunning footage shows moment Ukrainian kamikaze drone slams into Russian ship

Incredible footage shows the moment a Ukrainian shipkiller drone slams into a Russian warship in the Black Sea.

The target vessel is believed to be the Admiral Makarov, a Russian Navy Project 11356 frigate launched in September 2015.

According to a Russian Defence Ministry statement, 8 UAVs (Unmanned Aerial vehicles) and 7 USVs (self-guided torpedoes) were involved in the October 29 attack.

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Ukraine claims to have damaged “several” Russian warships in the raid in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Independent sources suggest that the Admiral Makarov and Project 266M minesweeper Ivan Golubets were damaged

The Admiral Makarov had been nominated as the flagship of Putin’s Black Sea Fleet after the guided missile cruiser Moskva was struck by two Ukrainian R-360 Neptune anti-ship missiles in April, and later sank.

An official statement said at the time: ““Following the loss of Moskva, one of the three projects 11356 frigates may become the new flagship of the Russian Black Sea fleet. So far, the Admiral Makarov has been chosen.”

The Admiral Makarov may have been specifically targeted in response to the salvos of Kalibr land-attack cruise missiles it ha sbeen using to bombard Ukrainian cities,

According to Russian naval sources quoted by Forbes, the Admiral Makarov’s radar was severely damaged in the drone attack and Ivan Golubets was holed at or near the waterline.

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Despite a column of smoke seen rising from Sevastopol’s harbour, official Russian sources claimed naval defences had repelled the attack without damage.

The weapon used in the attack is believed to be of the same type found beached near the major Russian Navy base of Sevastopol in Crimea late last month.

The canoe-sized torpedo, which tracks its targets via infra-red video, is so small as to be virtually undetectable by conventional shipboard radar.

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It appears to be designed to smash into another vessel before detonating its high-explosive warhead.

After the stranded USV was discovered, Russian navy personnel towed it out to sea and blew it up.

Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev said at the time: “A part of an unmanned vehicle was discovered, which was examined by experts. After the survey was completed, this apparatus was destroyed at sea by an explosion. No one was hurt”.


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