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Brit schoolboy ‘was so hungry he was caught trying to eat glue out of pot’

As the cost of living crisis deepens across the UK, teachers are reporting that kids are turning up to school hungry, and some of them have been turned into “nervous wrecks” because there’s so little food at home.

In one shocking case from the Midlands, a schoolboy was seen trying to eat PVA glue in a desperate attempt to stave off his hunger pangs.

MP Preet Gill described the devastating impact of the cost-of-living crisis on her poorest constituents, with food inflation running at nearly 15% last month.

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The Labour MP told a parliamentary committee that parents were skipping meals and children were coming to school unfed. Ms Gill recounted how one headteacher told her children were turning up 'a nervous wreck' to school and one boy was so hungry staff "caught him trying to eat a pot of PVA glue".

BirminghamLive reports that there are more than 100,000 children living in poverty in the city, the equivalent of 37% of all kids in the city, after housing costs. It is the second-highest rate of child poverty across the UK's core cities.

Ms Gill, whose constituency covers the Birmingham districts of Bartley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne and Quinton, said: "In the year to September food and non-alcohol beverage prices rose to nearly 15%, the highest rate in nearly 40 years. And for many basics this is even higher.

"And for our poorest constituents the impact is even worse as more of their disposable income is siphoned away on the essentials. At this point we can all cite shocking tales from our constituency mailbag".

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"I spoke to a headteacher in my constituency recently," she added, "who told me they have children turning up to school a nervous wreck, having seen their parents skipping meals and unable to concentrate, often hungry themselves.

"One boy she spoke of was so hungry that they caught him trying to eat a pot of PVA glue. This is a national crisis but an international one too which we have as much as interest in solving."

Poverty is defined as living in a family with an income 60% below the median income, after housing costs. It means the family income is significantly less than the income of middle-income families.


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