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Prince Harry’s book cover mocked by royal fans for ‘blatantly photoshopped hair’

Prince Harry has been mercilessly mocked by royal fans on Twitter who reckon he's photoshopped the front cover of his upcoming book.

In particular, some pointed out that his ginger locks appear to have grown back in the picture.

Yesterday (Thursday, October 27) the Duke of Sussex unveiled the front cover of his tell-all memoir "Spare", which will be released worldwide on January 10 next year.

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It features a sharp, close-up shot of Harry looking stoic as he stares directly forwards.

For some however, that close-up shot appeared a little to sharp.

Sharing the image, one person wrote on Twitter: "Who is this bloke the cover of SPARE? That's certainly not Harry.

"Too much photoshop to make Harry look like a prize fighter."

Agreeing, another wrote: "Good job by whoever did the photoshop though, you almost wouldn't recognise him!"

"So much photoshop on his face, wouldn’t recognize him if I fell over him," a third said.'

Getting a bit more specific with what they think Harry changed, another person tweeted: "Harry is pretty much a baldy himself.

"He can photoshop some hair on his head for photos but we all saw the live shots showing his bald head at the funeral."

However, not everyone thought Harry had given himself a full head of hair. In fact, one royal fans thought he probably should've done.

They wrote: "WHY would Prince Harry ok a book cover that makes him look bald? Hahaha Should have called it …. HAIR."

According to the description from publisher Penguin Random House, Spare will be "raw" with "unflinching honesty" as Harry offers an "insight, revelation, self-examination, and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love over grief".

There have been reports that the Royal Family were not forewarned about the title, which is a reference to the term 'heir and the spare' describing the roles of the elder and younger children of a monarch.

Royal experts have slammed the title as "pathetic" and "bitter", with one going as far to say it "should never" be published.

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